Our Services

Start-up advice

A promising idea stands and falls with its implementation. To ensure that this complies with your wishes, we accompany you on your way to self-employment. Through years of experience, we quickly recognise dangers and find a tailor-made and comprehensive start-up plan for every type of business.
The choice of the legal form of your company will be of essential importance:

This decision involves not only tax issues, but also social security and trade law issues. Therefore, take advantage of professional advice and plan your path as an entrepreneur in detail together with us. We will clear the way for your success!

  • Checking the feasibility of your business idea
  • Joint development of a concept
  • Drawing up carefully thought-out business plans
  • Advice on the choice of legal form
  • Roadmap to the GmbH
  • Advice on start-up subsidies
  • Advice on social security issues
  • Support with financing issues and discussions with the bank