Our Services

Payroll accounting

In the area of payroll accounting, our services range from the provision of individual legal information to the complete handling of payroll accounting, including the execution of monthly wage, salary and tax payments.

Our advice is aimed at optimising the tax burden and pointing out possible wage tax concessions.

  • Registration, modification, special payment and change notifications to the regional health insurance fund
  • Ongoing calculation of wages and salaries including additional wage costs
  • Printout of pay slips, transfer lists, payment slips
  • Advice on labour law when an employee joins or leaves the company
  • Assistance with the preparation of service slips, service contracts and service references
  • Advice on the employment of foreign employees and on secondments
  • Support and advice on the joint audit of wage and salary-related levies (GPLB)
  • Preparation of employee tax assessments